• July 28, 2023

What’s Behind The Metallic Shine of Metal Business Cards?

When selecting Metal Kards one has an array of options to choose from and those who are getting metal business cards printed for the first time would commit the mistake of comparing it with paper cards, the selection and purchase of metal business cards is completely different from a paper card, a paper card purchase is pretty simple and it is a routine matter for most of us, we are sued to selecting from a few very common options and there is a few selection of fonts which is regarded as the top choice worldwide, but when we are getting metal business cards printed, the process is very different.

If you want to make the right purchase and want your metal business card to standout you will have to understand what the materials are and which one is perfect for you, what you must do with a business card is to look for a style statement, you will not business cards printed in a bulk quantity like you do with a paper business card, metal business cards with a QR code are now such a common sight at trade shows and business events, a metal business card should create an identity for your business and more importantly it should reflect your personality.

Metal Kards
When selecting among matte, glossy and rugged you should be considerate, for us the clear choice was a metallic business card because we were simply in awe of the amazing shine it has, metallic business cards are made of metallic inks which are specially made for the printing of metallic business cards and it contains tiny metal fragments which catch the light and shine through, when you take it out and it shines it creates a unique style statement and catches the receiver’s attention.