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New World Language Services, Inc. is so grateful for the clients and business relationships we have had over the past 24 years.
Since then, we have developed an integral service for the inland empire and very successful business
that provided a valuable and much needed service throughout the United States.


New World Language Services, Inc. is sorry to announce that the State of California has very recently imposed overwhelmingly excessive business requirements
which has created an impossibility for us to stay in business. We can no longer accept interpreter or translation requests
as we will be closing operations effective October 1, 2016.

New World Language Services, Inc. will be dissolving as a business entity as soon as possible.

A huge advantage in becoming an account holder is 24/7 access to interpreters. Single call users may only use our services during our regular business hours of 8-5 M-F, PST.
The $29.95 per month includes everything from the administrative costs to the monthly account services fees and we even give you the first 20 minutes of phone interpretation at no charge. It's just our way of saying "Thanks" for joining us!
You only pay $1.85/min after the first 20 minutes with this account.
Use this free conferencing feature to speak with someone else over the phone in thier own language. Limit is one 3rd party connection (USA) per call.
As an account holder, you will have access to our toll-free "Interpreter Hot-line". This feature is available 24/7, but only to account holders.
Needing to have 24/7 access to interpreters on-demand is a critical part of customer care and service. That is why this service offers our business accouts unrestricted calling access whenever they need it.
Since you are paying a little more for this account every month, we more than double your included free minutes. You only pay $1.65/min for the number of minutes exceeding the first 45 minutes of usage.
We can customize pricing depending upon the call volume required. Higher volumes can receive more significant discounts so just ask!
Yet another way to save BIG! Document translation at up to 10% discounts mean that you can stop using your staff for translations and start using an affordable professional translation service.
Be sure to check out our new Language Identification Map of the World. Just another way we say "Thanks"!